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Sprawy techniczne - Laptop two screens with one HDMI?

aryetoryn - 2018-03-22, 15:34
Post subject: Laptop two screens with one HDMI?

I have a dell laptop with only one hdmi port and I would really like to do dual screens. I have checked other sources but seems like sliller would send same picture to both screens, I would like two different screens on the two monitors. Can anyone help?

Please help.

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Rookie - 2018-03-22, 17:00

What is the graphic card in the laptop.
Do you want to have primary screen trough HDMI and secondary on laptop ?
Another option is to have one monitor trough HDMI and second via VGA.
I never heard about HDMI signal split.

From your reference: "But this way you could get more than one screen working with different content."

jadanko - 2018-09-22, 12:57

OMG this is problem ?

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